The world of Street Art Barcelona

The world of Street Art Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain


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Free, rebel, multiple, avant-garde, good adjectives can define Barcelona! True open-air museum, she always left great art, the arts in all their forms. Street Art is a very particular universe ultra creative, and who, against all odds, is governed by its own code of conduct and rules of politeness! An unusual tour that can, in a few minutes, metamorphose when drawings / collages / stickers / stencils disappear while new works are popping up in other places,... A changing world, a game in its own right in an urban setting where some artists are already names while others try to Pierce and to build a reputation with their own style. A new phenomenon is a testament to the scale that has taken the world of street art on the art scene: some have wanted to push the approach a little further by opening their own gallery, as would a "classic" painter While street art is, in essence, a form of expression, subject to many constraints (climate, material, competition), it now comes to a storefront! It is found on t-shirts, key rings or the protections of phones sold in specialty shops, next to an impressive range of color bombs. Anyway, I won't tell you more, Charlotte will reveal the secrets of this street art, a way to see this Barcelona... otherwise. Needless to say that this visit is highly recommended. You'll never watch the city in the same way... This unusual trip comes in the Ciutat Vella district, but other districts too, have their own identity, their own character and their favorite artists. Feel free to ask me if you want to see another.


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Ciutat Vella


  • Dans les petites rues de la vieille ville, en hiver, il fait frais, prenez de quoi vous couvrir. En été, c’est idéal !


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Barcelona, Spain


Price: $41 per person

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