Become a pro photography in Lisbon

Become a pro photography in Lisbon

From $72 / pers.

Lisbon, Portugal


  • Photography
  • 3 hours


Discover the hidden Alfama streets and capture the perfect photograph of azulejos tiles. Everything you want, Lisbon is sure to provide. Point your device toward the pastel colors that adorn the walls of Lisbon the captivating. Explore the city with the narrow streets and winding of Alfama as a backdrop, which offer many interesting details. During 3 hours, you will learn to master the most demanding elements of photography. Whether you are a beginner, amateur, or you have years of experience, you will find inspiration with our photographer. You capture streets, monuments that you enjoy but also different lights or crossings secretly kept by its inhabitants. Enjoy this experience to develop your creative vision and improve your photographic skills. You will learn how to master the art of photography under different axes:
  • Made of creative compositions, use lines, repetition, angles of view
  • sharpen your eye: composition, subjects, lighting
  • photography in crowd
  • take control of your camera:-f-stop, shutter, ISO and focus speed
  • examination of your photograph
Before you begin this experiment, we will install in a typical café to review your work and to understand what you want to develop as photographic skill. If you want to photograph a place, a particular neighborhood, feel free to let know the photographer, so that it includes it in the itinerary.




Miradouro das Portas do Sol

Meeting place

Miradouro das Portas do Sol, Lisboa, Portugal

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Rendez-vous devant la statue de Saint-Vincent au milieu du magnifique Miradouro (direction) de Portas do Sol.


  • N'oubliez pas votre appareil photo !
  • Vous pouvez prendre tout type d'appareil: reflex, bridge, compact, votre smartphone. Ainsi que tout le matériel que vous souhaitez (flash, focale, trépied)
  • Le photographe adaptera ses conseils au type d'appareil que vous amenez
  • Portez des chaussures confortables


  • Les conseils d'un photographe local
  • Des photos incroyables !

Not included

  • L'appareil photo. Ne l'oubliez pas (même votre smartphone fera l'affaire)
  • Autre matériel


English, Français, Português


Lisbon, Portugal


1 Participant : $181
2 Participants : $216
3 Participants : $251
4 Participants : $286

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